Hi, I'm Fiona! I'm 27 and I'm from Singapore. I love skincare, travelling, food, exercising and make-up. I travel somewhat frequently for work and like to shop for skincare in different countries, and experiment with stuff that works for different climates. I used to try almost everything, but a few years of that led me to get hyper-sensitive skin (too many chemicals from drugstore/mass market brands). So these days, I'm more focused on natural and green beauty brands. If I do have to go dirty (for make-up usually), I usually select higher-end brands. I also like no-frills brands for sensitive skin. 

I used to love lots of colour in my make-up, but these days, I'm more about accentuating natural features and easy, fuss-free looks for everyday! (The real reason is that I'm not really a morning person and it takes too much time.) There's still plenty of looks to experiment with though! ;)

- Oily but dehydrated skin
- Very prone to clogged pores, might get acne when stressed
- Slightly sensitive skin
- Light-medium skintone, MAC NC25-30

Contact: chocolatmascara[at]gmail.com.

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